GSK Biologicals



Mapping the Field

2008.  HPV Mapping for GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals: I was retained by the company’s public affairs division to map the institutions and initiatives around the world that could inform a strategy to deliver Cervarix to adolescent girls in developing countries, especially those who are routinely absent from the health care options available to themselves, their families and communities. Starting with an inventory of GSK’s current vaccine portfolio and current distribution partnerships, desk research was done to identify new partners to aid in the Cervavix delivery strategy and program.  Interviews with experts were conducted under the premise that there are a series of biomedical interventions - notably vaccines - that would bring significant health benefits if appropriate delivery channels were developed in health systems to reach adolescents. Creating such channels would also create an opportunity to deliver a range of prevention and health promotion interventions. A coalition of policy makers and advocates could, presumably, catalyze such activity.  The final confidential report of this consultancy concluded with a series of recommendations of types of coalitions and their potential composition.