MTV Staying Alive



Corporate Philanthropy & Communications 

2006-2008.  A new foundation and campaign, both named Staying Alive, were launched by MTV Networks International in 2005, and I was recruited as the foundation's Executive Director in early 2006. With a small budget and backed by a major global brand, the Staying Alive Foundation's mandate was to identify and support young people working and living where HIV/AIDS was rampant, with innovative community-based projects on HIV prevention, and AIDS treatment and care. Over 60 young people and their grassroots organizations, mostly in sub-Saharan Africa, received small grants for projects such as street theater and radio info-tainment, small business collectives for marginalized HIV+ young women, and orphanages for children who lost their caretakers to AIDS. The press release announcing my appointment laid out this exemplary corporate social responsibility response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic comprising the Staying Alive entities, MTV International and its parent company, Viacom.